Coded RFID Non-Contact Switch – SP-RFID-U




IDEM RFID Non-Contact Safety Switch - SP-RDIF-U

IDEM's RFID Non Contact Coded Switches have been developed to provide and maintain a high level of functional safety whilst providing a very high anti-tamper coded activation. Coding is achieved by using magnetic and radio frequency techniques, both principles need to be satisfied for the switch to operate safely. They will connect to most popular standard Safety Relays to achieve up to PLe/Category 4 to ISO 13849-1.

IP69K ingress protection and suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning processes.


• RFID provides high degree of anti-tamper - vitually impossible override.
• Unique RFID or series coding RFID available - depending upon users risk assessment.
• Able to connect to most popular Safety Relays without the need for special controllers.
• Maintains PLe Cat.4 by IDEM's technique at each Safety Demand.
• Connect up to 20 switches in series.
• Wide sensing at 12mm and high tolerance to misalignment.
• Able to connect other switches and E-Stops in series.
• Up to: PLe ISO 13849-1  SIL 3 EN 62061  Cat.4 EN 954-1
• Quick Connect M12 cable (250mm / 10")

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