Eaton FAZ-D6/3-NA

FAZ-D6/3-NA UL489 Circuit Breaker



Eaton offers a full range of DIN-Rail miniature circuit breakers up to 40A current rating for feeder and branch circuit protection. Breakers comply with the latest national and international standards including UL 489. Two levels of circuit protection available, one for medium inrush startup currents to provide protection for small transformers, pilot devices, etc., and one with a magnetic range to allow for higher inrush levels during startup usually seen with motors.Current limiting design provides fast short-circuit interruption that reduces the let-through energy that can damage the circuit. Features: Thermal-magnetic overcurrent protection, Three levels of short-circuit protection, Categorized by B, C and D curves, Trip-free design. Breaker can not be defeated by holding the handle in the ON position, A color-coded red/green indicator provides immediate visual indication of device status (green for OFF, red for ON) and isolation function, Power to the circuit breakers can be fed from the line or load side, Separate version for ring-tongue connection (Type FAZ-RT), terminal screws can be removed (on both sides). Captive screws cannot be lost, Fulfill UL 489, CSA C22.2 No.5 and also IEC 60947-2 Standard. For use in applications for which UL 1077 or CSA C22.2 No.235 are also allowed, Easy installation on DIN rail. Module width of only 17.7 mm (per pole), To save installation time, bus connectors and feeder terminal facilitate mounting and wiring of multiple miniature circuit breaker arrays in control panel assemblies.