IDEM GBL-1 Gate Bolt for Tongue Switches (Right)

Gate Bolt Right for KLP, KLM, and KL4-SS Safety Interlocks



IDEM GBL-1 (Right)

Right hand gate bolt lock out (hinges located on right hand side of door) for KLP, KLM and KL4-SS safety interlocks.

Includes handle mechanism with lock out, bracket for switch, actuator, guide to ensure actuator enters head in correct orientation, adjustable to compensate for varying/inconsistent door gaps, aluminum and stainless steel construction.

• Robust metal construction.
• Over 30mm (11/4”) adjustability (handle bracket and switch bracket mounting holes are slotted) to compensate for varying door gaps.
• Stainless steel guide prevents accidental closure, keeps safety switches properly aligned and acts as door latch.
• All individual pieces are replaceable if damaged (handle, guide, individual brackets, etc.).
• Switch brackets are pre-drilled.