Icotek KEL Size B, IP54



ICOTEK: KEL-B1 Cable Entry Frame

The patented cable entry system KEL-B enables the user to enter, seal (IP54) and provide strain relief for pre-terminated and standard cables. The split grommet matching the cable diameter is placed around the cable and inserted into the cable entry frame. Frames can be either screwed or snapped onto a cut-out by using KEL-SNAP mounting frames.

Either a cut-out of 36 mm or 46 mm in height can be chosen depending on the cables being routed. This flexibility is perfect for pre-terminated cables. The split cable entry frame KEL-B matches exactly the cut-out dimensions of 46 × 46 mm measuring instruments.


Warranty on pre-terminated cables remains

Retrofitting and maintenance can be carried out easily and quickly

High packing density, wide variety of frames and grommets

Strain relief according to EN 50262 / EN 62444High stability

Vibration proof

.... Assembly with grommets: 1 x KT cable grommets, large

Mounting Screws: Sheet steel, galvanically zinc plated

No. of screw holes: 4

Length: 72 mm

Width: 58 mm

Height: 17 mm

Cut-out length: 46 mm

Cut-out width: 46 mm