KEL-DPZ-24 / 15

15 Cables (7.2-12MM diameter range)



ICOTEK: KEL-DPZ-24 / 15-Cable Entry Plate

KEL-DPZ 24 entry plates are designed to route and seal up to 121 standard cables or fiber optics (from 1.5 mm to 22 mm in diameter) in limited space. The KEL-DPZ products are a cost and time saving alternative to traditional cable glands.

The assembly of the KEL-DPZ 24 with cables or pneumatic hoses can be done within seconds. Simply put a small slit in the thin membrane, push standard cables through and it’s immediately sealed (IP65) and strain relieved. The size DPZ 24 matches exactly the cut-out dimensions of 24-pole standard industrial connectors. ST-B Plugs can be used for sealing pierced membranes if cables have been removed.

Cable Specicifactions: 15 Cables
(7.2-12MM diameter range)IP protection class: IP65NEMA rating: up to NEMA 12

Material: Elastomer

Material base frame: Polyamide

Color: gray (similar RAL 7035)

Flame class: UL94-V0, self-extinguishing

Temperature: -40 - 90 °C (static)

.... Properties: Halogen free, Silicone free

Mounting type: Screwing

Clamping range: 15 × 7.2 - 12 mm

Length: 147 mm

Width: 58 mm

Height: 13 mm

Cut-out length: 112 mm

Cut-out width: 36 mm














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