Mencom USB Style B To Style B, M25 Plastic Port Adapter




Mencom USB Style B to Style B, M25 Plastic Port Adapter


The Mencom D-USB-BFBF-M25-PA is a plastic port adapter with a USB style B female to style B female port and M25 mounting thread. It mounts to the control cabinet through a 1" hole, acting as a panel interface connector to prevent the user from coming in direct contact with inside of the cabinet. Features include a low profile and pull-out resistance. It's perfect for use when the amount of available space is at a minimum. Comes with a gasket, cap and locknut. Rated IP 65 for protection from dust particles and water jets.


• Housing- Black Polypropylene
• Gasket- TPE
• Locknut- Polyamide
• USB- Single Form B Female to Form B Female
• Mounting Style- Front Mount
• Mounting Thread- M25
• Ingress Protection- IP 65